Best garlic mashed potatoes recipe

potato ricer

Garlic mash is one of the tastiest potato recipes ever invented. If you do it right you will get amazing results.

Firstly, the type of potato makes a big difference to the results. A waxy potato such as ‘desiree’ is ideal because has a lower starch content and so will produce a lighter fluffier mash.

Place a whole head of garlic (no need to peel the white papery case away), drizzled in olive oil in the oven at 140 centigrade for a good hour.

After about 40 minutes, begin to boil the potatoes until they will fall off a knife stuck into them (about 20 mins).
Next drain and push the potatoes through a sieve or a potato ricer. The ricer has the best technique because it pushes the potato straight through the holes, rather than scraping the potato through a sieve which will break more cells and thus release more unwanted starch.

Squeeze the garlic and discard the cases, leaving you with a soft sweet garlic pulp which you can add to the potato.

Add cubed cold butter about a tablespoon per person and warm milk (a splash per person). Stir vigorously. Now add salt and pepper and serve.

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