How to Fillet Salmon

It is quite easy to Fillet Salmon. Here is how you do it.

You will need one sharp knife, one large chopping board, one pair of kitchen scissors and a salmon.

Lay your Salmon flat on a large cutting board.

Carefully slice along the belly of the Salmon using a sharp knife all the way from the head to the anus.

Pull all the Salmon innards out with your fingers. Rinse the salmon cavity well with cold water. Using a sharp pair of kitchen scissors, cut off the fins.

You have now prepared a salmon and this fish could be baked as is. However, to prepare a filet there are a few more steps.
Remove the head and tail. Now using the knife cut down along the edge of thesalmons backbone. Now slide the knife along the ribs and the fillet will come away. To remove the skin, turn the salmon filet over and carefully incise between the skin of the fish and the meat. Then rather than cutting the fish skin away, pull it away from the flesh.

Now repeat this process on the other side of fish.

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