How to make the perfect Fish and Chips

Crunchy batter on the fish, chips that are fluffy inside but golden on the outside. Here is the secret to how top chefs take on the British classic takeaway.

Use Maris Pipier potatoes. They have the perfect texture for chipping.

Triple Cooked Chips

First, the chips should all be cut to the same thickness of about 1 inch. Different thicknesses are a problem, but different lengths are OK.

Rince them in cold water to remove starch (10 mins)

Now bring to boil in clean water and simmer the chipped potatoes for about 10 mins. They should be almost, but not quite cooked.

Remove from water and dry chips on a wire rack. Allow to cool.

Fry in groundnut oil at 130C for 4 minutes. Remove from oil and allow to cool and this time place them in a refridgerator.

When you are 4 mintes from serving, fry a second time to really crisp up the skin and heat the chips. The result will be both fluffy and crispy beyond imagining.

Beer Battered Fish

To go with your chips you want a battered piece of fillet. The secret is to use a yeast and beer batter. Yeast batters puff up and crisp brilliantly allowing the fish to steam inside.

To make a yeast and beet batter is simply a matter of disolving a quarter tablespoon of dried yeast in a little beer (not lager… have some pride). Mix it to a paste and then add more beer. Use this as you would normally use water or milk with your flour to make the batter. Leave it for at least an hour before use, to let the yeast multiply, which leads to bigger bubbles and crispier batter.

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