Rib Roast Dinner Recipe

There is no big secret to making a rib roast except getting good ingredients. Forget packet mixes, and bottles of prepreapred nonsense. Just follow the instructions below for a Prime Rib dinner roast.

Get your butcher, (not a supermarket but a real butcher) to give you ‘Prime Rib for Roasting’. You want best quality beef, with red meat with little marbling, covered by a white layer of fat.

First preheat your oven to 220 degrees C

Place the meat bone side down, and starting a the thin end of the joint, cut the fat away in a single flap (leaving it attached at the thick end).

Next spread a thin layer of smooth dijon mustard over the meat inside the flap you have cut. Sprinkle the mustard with thyme and oregano, salt and pepper. Now pull the fat flap back in place and if necessary tie with string

Place the roast in the oven. Allow it to cook for 6 minutes per pound. I.E a 4 pound joint should cook for 24 minutes

Turn the oven off and leave the meat inside to gradually cool for 1 hour. Use that time to prepare and cook the vegetables (boiled potatoes and steamed carrots work well. A red wine gravy is the perfect sauce to serve with a Rib Roast Dinner.

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