Simple Summer Fruit Desert

summer fruits

This easy to prepare desert dish requires no cooking. Just chill prior to serving.

Take approximately two large handfuls of summer fruits (choose a mix of strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, blackcurrants and redcurrants as your fancy takes you) and sprinkle with two tablespoons of caster sugar, the juice and zest of a small un-waxed lemon and a dash of Scotch Whisky.

In a separate bowl stir half a tablespoon of caster sugar together with a small tub (150g) of mascarpone and 2 or three drops of vanilla extract.

Serve on a small plate with a ring of the mascarpone mix encircling the fruits.

A few lightly toasted oat flakes can be sprinkled on top prior to serving for a little extra crunch.

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