Transylvanian Hazelnut Cookies


here are not many Hazelnut recipes in the world, but here is a good one. This recipe for hazelnut cookies comes from my Transylvanian grandmother who made them every christmas. They are so much more than the sum of their parts. Depending on how you cook them you can produce soft squidgy cookies or rock cakes that last weeks and weeks. The choice is yours.

  • 300g Hazelnuts
  • 3 medium egg whites
  • 3 heaped tablespoons icing sugar
  • A pinch of cinnamon powder (optional)=

Firstly grind the hazelnuts to the consistency of bredcrumbs

Now whip the egg whites to stiff peaks before folding in the sieved icing sugar, hazlenuts and cinnamon with a metal spoon.

place heaped teaspoonfuls of the mixture on a lightly greased baking tray, leaving space between each to allow for a litle spreading in the oven.

Cook for 1 hour at gas mark 2 for crunchy rock cakes or 30 minutes at gas 4 for softer cookies.

Make sure they do not burn on the base.

Cool on a wire rack and then enjoy.

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